The Outfit : to hell and back

Published 2016
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"Rafe Barr, master tracker, spy, and war hero, is locked away in Yuma Territorial Prison for life, wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife and son. But five years into his sentence, Warden Talbot Timmons, who has made Barr's time at Yuma a living hell, offers him a deal: full pardon in exchange for the return (alive) of the young daughter of California's Governor Pendleton from a life of drug addiction and prostitution by Deadwood's top bad man, Al Swearengen. Rafe smells a rat, but agrees ... Rafe, Cookie, and the girl ride hell-for-leather toward the hidden Colorado valley where Rafe's ranch once stood. Along the way they save a crew of colorful characters with peculiar talents--gambler, safecracker, and former slave, Black Jack Smith; feisty widow, Arlene Tewksbury; and local doctor, inventor, and drunk, Deathbed Jones. The fuse is lit as a mob of desperadoes and renegades led by the Hell Hounds swarms the ranch, and Rafe, Cookie, and the rest of the gang find themselves in an explosive battle for their lives. And that's only the beginning of ... THE OUTFIT!"

First edition.
313 pages ; 23 cm.
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