Quantum mechanics

Graphic Novel
Published 2018
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On a nowhere asteroid at the far rim of the galaxy, two young alien girls -- Rox and Zam -- spend their days tearing apart and repairing clunkers in a spaceship junkyard. Their big chance finally comes when the captain of a mysterious ship called the Quasar Torrent enlists the kids for some repair work but then they are kidnapped by a band of space pirates. Rox and Zam find themselves swept up in the astro-bucaneers' vendetta against a huge intergalactic corporation that's forced this motley band of working stiffs from across space into a life of crime. Now the girls must chose: do they want the comforts of home and family, or the glamorous adventure of a lifetime-to be part of a crew of colorful misfits intent on plunder, revenge, and excitement?

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