Trans teen survival guide

Published 2019
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"Frank, friendly, and funny, the Trans Teen Survival Guide will inform, empower, and arm you with all the tips, confidence, and practical advice needed to navigate life as a trans teen. Wondering how to come out to your family and friends, what it's like to go through cross-hormonal therapy, or how to put on a packer? Trans youth activists Owl and Fox have stepped in to answer everything that trans teens and their families need to know. With a focus on self-care, expression, and being proud of your unique identity, the guide is packed full of invaluable advice from people who understand the realities and complexities of growing up trans. Having been there, done that, Owl and Fox are able to honestly chart the course of life as a trans teen, from potentially life-saving advice on dealing with dysphoria or depression, to hilarious real-life awkward trans stories."--Page 4 of cover.

221 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Other Title:
Transgender teenager survival guide
So you're trans?
Gender roles are dead
Telling the world (or not!)
What do I call you?
Being you (whoever that is)
Dysphoria: the monster
Puberty and how to cope
Hormone therapy
Genitals, parts, junk: what suits best?
Dating as a trans person
Awkward trans tales
Dealing with the media
Documenting your journey
Don't get mad, get even!
More than just trans
Self-care and how to help others
Hopes for the future
Resources and cool people
Appendix: Young trans kids and how to support them.
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