Terrors of the forest : an unofficial Minecrafter's adventure

Published 2017
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"Gameknight999 reenters Minecraft to find it completely changed. Villages are larger than ever, and more heavily fortified; life inside the game has become much more dangerous. Even Gameknight's old friends are acting differently, and the changes are not for the better. Outside the Crafter's village, a strange user named Entity303 is spotted with Weaver, a young NPC Gameknight knows from Minecraft's past. He realize's that Weaver has somehow been kidnapped, and returning him to the correct time is the only way to fix things. The User-that-is-not-a-user races to catch Entity303 and rescue his friend, but they quickly disappear into a strange portal that leads to the Twilight Forest modded version of the game" --Back cover.

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