Rewilding : giving nature a second chance

Published 2017
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"A comprehensive look at the environmental movement of rewilding whereby habitats are restored to their natural states and native plants and animals are reintroduced to these habitats around the world."-- Provided by publisher.

9781554519620 (hardcover)
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Toronto ; Berkeley : Annick Press, [2017]
88 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color map ; 25 cm
Publisher, pagination and printing dates may vary.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 86-87) and index.
Section 1. Introduction: what is rewilding?
Back to the wild
Core, corridors, and keystone species
Section 2. Reintroducing keystone species: wild again
A second chance for trumpeter swans: a classic success story
The prairie dog: underdog or wonder dog?
The American eel: hatch me if you can
Marmots and and condors: homeless
Zoos: keepers of endangered species
Zoo tigers: back to the wild
Section 3. Core space for keystone species: getting it right
Wolf country again: Yellowstone National Park
Namibia: conservation at its core
Europe: green at heart
The Newfoundland and Labrador cod fishers: come and gone and back again
Core values: a wild ride in the Netherlands
Section 4. Corridors linking cores: natural connections
Over and under: wildlife corridors in Banff National Park
Australia: reduce, reuse, recycle ... and rewild?
Butterfly corridors: linking Canada, the United States, and Mexico
Jaguar ground-truthing: corridors in Costa Rica
Panda bear: bamboo or bust
Section 5. Rewilding the human world
City sites: every little space counts
High park: where there's smoke, there's fire!
High line: the sky's the limit
Wild boars: sharing space in Berlin
Peregrine falcons: from the brink to the ledge
Wild to rewild: the leopards of Mumbai
Bermuda balance: restoring night herons
Downtown Toronto: from mine to meadow and more
Danger zones: nature's comeback
Section 6. The possible and the impossible of future rewilding
Big space, big time
Rewilding for a better world.
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