Chicken soup for the soul. My amazing mom : 101 stories of love and appreciation
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This new collection is filled with heartwarming and entertaining anecdotes by grateful children, all in praise of the amazing woman who encourages them, supports them, and most importantly, loves them. These stories will brighten any mother's day, and show her that the kids were paying attention after all. Mom will laugh, cry and nod in recognition as she reads these heartwarming stories.

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Mother and child -- Anecdotes.
Mother and child -- Literary collections.
Motherhood -- Anecdotes.
Motherhood -- Literary collections.
Mothers -- Anecdotes.
Mothers -- Literary collections.
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Newmark, Amy, compiler, writer of introduction.
ix, 351 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
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My amazing mom
Peggy Sr. / Timothy Freeman
A birthday letter / Marcia Wells
At first sight / Jeanie Jacobson
Step by step / Kevin Gerard
Every age and stage / Donna Lorrig
The driving lesson / Kathleen Kohler
Love engraved / Joel Schwartzberg
Dear mothers / Audrey RL Wyatt
Stuck / Jilly Pretzel
My mother, my teacher / David L. Bishop
Angel, grandma, friend / Nicole Muchowski
Alone in the airport / Ronni Meier
My first away Christmas / Emily Bednarz
Better late than never / Leigh Smith
One day we'll laugh about this / Maureen Hart
Catch a grateful habit / Sylvia Brich Thompson
Do as I do / Denise LaRosa
A not-so-faraway reality / Cassie Jones
By my side / Penny Fedorczenko
She ironed underwear / Ed VanDeMark
Mom knows best / Laurie Carnright Edwards
Learning to laugh at yourself / D.K. Laidler
My grandmother's candy dish / Brenda Davis Harsham
The 33 things my mother taught me / Kesha Phillips
Clarity in the fog / Brooke Bent
A dreamy pregnancy / Jill Keller
The reluctant astronaut / Charlie Wyatt
The surprise party / Lil Blosfield
The lab coat / Sandeep Sreedharan
My mother, the pistol / Eva Carter
Ready or not / Dawn Turzio
The jackpot / Karen Gorback
Modest mom / Jill Burns
The feather duster / Diane Stark
The battle of the buckets / Hannah Yoder
The separation / David Hull
My very unpredictable mom / Kay Presto
A suitcase full of love / Johnny Tan
Sweet balls of dough / Elaine D'Alessandro
Johanna's recipes / Beth Krone-Downes
Flake and bake / Arlene Rains Graber
Reconnecting / Angelena Shepard
Christmas our way / Lizette Vega
Those gentle hands / Katherine Mabb
The secret of the gravy / Crissy Martin
The five-second rule / Barbara LoMonaco
Snapping beans / Natasha Basinger
My grandmother's kitchen / Suzan Teall Headley
Hurricane Betty / Gary Stein
The greatest blessing / Savannah D. Cassel
A bowl of raspberries / Nancy Julien Kopp
Washday worries / Annmarie B. Tait
Barefoot / Luanne Tovey Zuccari
In her footsteps / Lorraine Allison
Just like mom / Teri Anne Conrad
Treasures in trash / Candace L. Parker
Small but mighty / Lynn Sunday
The trash guys / Pamela Gilsenan
The question I didn't need to ask / Christine L. Henderson
Home is where my mom lives / Cindy Hudson
A special place in heaven / Brenda Leppington
Through a storm / Christine McCleod
The dress / Cindy Morris
The gift of motherhood / Michelle Armbrust
A ragged nightgown / Elaine Herrin Onley
A salute to the mothers of freedom / BJ Gallagher
Love that spans the ocean / Tammy Allison
Knit one, purl two / Dorann Weber
My mother's hands / Emily H. Cappo
Our mother's heart / jean Jones
Dancing from the heart / John P. Buentello
Still my mother / Cynthia Siems Carlson
The heart remembers / Traci E. Langston
Morning donuts / James Kinneen
Bedtime stories / Carolyn McCartney
A gift from my mother / Eileen Melia Hession
Laying my Mother's Day cards on the table / James L. Snyder
The necklace / Maril Crabtree
I lubbyou / Catherine Shavalier-Chernow
Lessons in insecurity / Jocelyn Drawhorn
The pink wallet / Candace L. Parker
Susie's babies / MaryLou Driedger
Heavenly connections / Susan Grady Bristol
My mother's daughter / Bridget Chambers
My eight mothers / Twink DeWitt
My mother the travel agent / Liza Rosenberg
To thine own self be true / Rebecca Rimmer
Milk Lady / C. J. Godwin
My mom and my mother / Beth Rice
Second chance / April Pollack
A painting of you / Trudy M. Davies
Mother's handbag / Cynthia A. Lovely
An enduring love / John P. Buentello
Mom's cards from beyond / Steven Friedman
Mirror magic / Nancy Julien Kopp
Go home and see your mother / Christine Trollinger
The journal / Sheila Helmberger
The gift of the Bumblebees / Patty Benz
A well-timed message / Anita Gogno
In Lieu of flower
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