A stash of one's own : knitters on loving, living with, and letting go of yarn : an anthology

Published 2017
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New York : Abrams Press, 2017.
191 pages ; 21 cm
Inheriting from Elizabeth Zimmermann / Meg Swansen
Stashers: who the heck are we? A peek at the numbers, looking for answers / Lela Nargi
Triptych / Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Without a stash / Amy Herzog
The life-changing magic of keeping it all / Ann Shayne
Full circle with the traveling stash / Gudrun Johnston
The minimalist speaks / Kay Gardiner
Library of wool / Rachel Atkinson
Her pretty string / Franklin Habit
Moving yarn/portable stories / Anna Maltz
Fear not / Sue Shankle
Yarn: a love story / Amy Christoffers
When it's gone, it's gone / Clara Parkes
Spinning stash / Jillian Moreno
Stash-changing moments / Susan B. Anderson
Work in progress / Lilith Green
Comfort yarn / Rachael Herron
A proper stash / Kristine Vejar
On giving / Eugene Wyatt
Knitting my mother's stash / Aimée Osbourn-Gille
Mark of the hand, mark of the heart / Kim McBrien Evans
Stash bypass / Adrienne Martini
A stash of one's own: yarn as a feminist issue / Debbie Stoller.
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