Hit the target eight men who led the Eighth Air Force to victory over the Luftwaffe

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Published 2017
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Less than a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Army formed its first air force designated to operate overseas, the Eighth. Within four months, they had set up base in England. Three months later, they were bombing German targets in occupied Europe. The Eighth was the first bomber command on either side to commit to strategic daylight bombing. It was a major change in tactics--and the men of the Eighth paid the price in both lives and blood. But it was that very sacrifice that led the Allies to victory. This story is told through these men, whose careers paralleled the early history of aviation--and who helped to revolutionize airborne warfare and win World War II. 2016.

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Eight men who led the Eighth Air Force to victory over the Luftwaffe
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Prince Frederick, MD : Recorded Books, 2016.
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