Fearless as possible (under the circumstances)

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Published 2017
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Donlon chronicles her days at MuchMusic and the music journalism show The NewMusic, where her mandate was relevance, during a time when music videos became a medium that would change pop music and popular culture forever. She became the first female president of Sony Music Canada, where she navigated the crisis in the music industry with the rise of Napster and the new digital revolution. She then joined CBC English Radio as General Manager and Executive Director when the corporation absorbed funding cutbacks, leading to mass reductions in people and programming and leaving a shadow over the future of Canadas national public broadcaster. She shares stories of growing up in east Scarborough; interviewing musical icons such as Keith Richards, Run-DMC, Joni Mitchell, and Sting; working with media pioneer Moses Znaimer, and her co-host on the current affairs magazine show The Zoomer, Conrad Black. Also details her experiences with War Child Canada and her work with other charitable organizations, including Live8 and the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership. 2016.

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