I'd die for you : and other lost stories

Published 2017
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I'd Die For You is a collection of the last remaining unpublished and uncollected short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald, edited by Anne Margaret Daniel. Fitzgerald did not design the stories in I'd Die For You as a collection. Most were submitted individually to major magazines during the 1930s and accepted for publication during Fitzgerald's lifetime, but were never printed. Some were written as movie scenarios and sent to studios or producers, but not filmed. Others are stories that could not be sold because their subject matter or style departed from what editors expected of Fitzgerald. They date from the earliest days of Fitzgerald's career to the last. They come from various sources, from libraries to private collections, including those of Fitzgerald's family.

First Scribner hardcover edition.
xxii, 358 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Other Title:
I would die for you and other lost stories
Includes bibliographical references.
The I.O.U. (1920)
Nightmare [Fantasy in black] (1932)
What to do about it (1933)
Gracie at sea (1934)
Travel together (1935/6)
I'd die for you [The legend of Lake Lure] (1935/6)
Day off from love (1935/6)
Cyclone in silent land (1936)
The pearl and the fur (1936)
Thumbs up (1936)
Dentist appointment (1936/7)
Offside play (1937)
The woman in the house [Temperature] (1939)
Salute to Lucy and Elsie (1939)
Love is a plan (1939/40)
The couple
Ballet shoes [Ballet slippers] (1936)
Thank you for the light (1936).
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