The trophy child
—Daly, Paula, author.
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Karen Bloom is not the coddling mother type. She believes in raising her children for success. Some in the neighborhood call her assertive, others say she's driven, but in gossiping circles she's known as "the tiger mother." Karen believes that tough discipline is the true art of parenting and that achievement leads to ultimate happiness. She expects her husband and her children to perform at 200 percent--no matter the cost. But in the midst of her quest for excellence, her seemingly flawless family starts to rebel against her. Her husband, Noel, is a handsome doctor with a proclivity for alcohol and women. Their prodigy daughter, Bronte, is excelling at school, music lessons and dance classes, yet she longs to run away. Verity, Noel's teenage daughter from his first marriage, is starting to display aggressive behavior. And Karen's son from a previous relationship embraces the aimless stoner lifestyle. When tragedy strikes the Blooms, Karen's carefully constructed facade begins to fall apart--and once the deadly cracks appear, they are impossible to stop.

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Child rearing -- Fiction.
Discipline of children -- Fiction.
Families -- Fiction.
Gifted children -- Fiction.
Mother and child -- Fiction.
Domestic fiction.
Psychological fiction.
Thrillers (Fiction)
349 pages ; 24 cm
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