Marvel masterworks presents The Avengers
Graphic Novel
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Avengers (Comic strip)
Avengers (Fictitious characters) -- Comic books, strips, etc.
Graphic novels.
Other Authors:
Adams, Neal, 1941- illustrator, Colorist.
Adkins, Dan, Colorist.
All Thumbs Creative, Colorist, illustrator.
Ayers, Dick, Colorist.
Bolle, Frank, Colorist.
Braverman, June, Calligrapher.
Brown, Bob, 1915-1977, illustrator.
Buckler, Rich, illustrator.
Buscema, John, illustrator, Colorist.
Buscema, Sal, illustrator, Colorist.
Cockrum, Dave, 1943-2006, Colorist.
Colan, Gene, illustrator.
Colletta, Vince, Colorist.
Conway, Jerry, author.
Cooper, Herb, Calligrapher.
Costanza, John, Calligrapher.
Crain, Dale, illustrator.
Ellison, Harlan, author.
Englehart, Steve, author.
Esposito, Mike, 1927-2010, Colorist.
Friedrich, Gary, 1943- author.
Giacoia, Frank, Colorist, illustrator.
Grainger, Sam, Colorist, illustrator.
Heck, Don, illustrator, Colorist.
Jackson, JayJay, Colorist.
Janson, Klaus, Colorist.
Jetter, Charlotte, Calligrapher.
Johnson, Sheila, Colorist.
Kelleher, Michael, 1968- Colorist, Illustrator.
Kirby, Jack, illustrator.
Klein, George, Colorist.
Lefferman, Shelley, Calligrapher.
Lord, Phil, 1977- illustrator.
Mann, Jerry, Calligrapher.
McLaughlin, Frank, Colorist.
Mooney, Jim (James Noel), 1919-2008, Colorist.
Moring, Matt, illustrator.
Mullin, Tom, Colorist, illustrator.
Orzechowski, Tom, Calligrapher.
Palmer, Tom, 1942- Colorist.
Redman, Paul, Colorist.
Rosen, Joe, 1937- Calligrapher.
Rosen, Sam, -1992, Calligrapher.
Roth, Werner, 1921-1973, illustrator.
Roussos, George, 1915-2000, Colorist.
Saladino, Gaspar, Calligrapher.
Shores, Syd, 1913-1973, Colorist.
Simek, Artie, 1916-1975, Calligrapher.
Simek, J. (Jean), -2012, Calligrapher.
Sinnott, Joe, Colorist.
Sno-Cone Digital, Colorist.
Starlin, Jim, author, illustrator.
Staton, Joe, Colorist.
Stevens, Mike, 1942- Calligrapher.
Stone, Chic, Colorist.
Sutton, Tom, 1937-2002, Colorist.
Tartaglione, John, Colorist.
Thomas, Roy, author, editor.
Trimpe, Herb, illustrator.
Tuska, George, 1916-2009, illustrator, Colorist.
Weiss, Alan, Colorist.
Windsor-Smith, Barry, illustrator, Colorist.
volume - : illustrations (color) ; 27 cm
Other Title:
Marvel masterworks The Avengers
Description based on volume 1.
Originally published in magazine form, 1963-1964.
v. 1. Collecting the Avengers nos.1-10 / Stan Lee
v. 4. Collecting the Avengers nos. 31-40 / Stan Lee, Roy Thomas
v. 5. Collecting the Avengers nos. 41-50 and annual no. 1 / Roy Thomas
v. 6. Collecting the Avengers nos. 51-58, annual no. 2 & the X-Men no. 45 / Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich
v. 7. Collecting the Avengers nos. 59-68 / Roy Thomas
v. 8. Collecting the Avengers nos. 69-79 / Roy Thomas
v. 9. Collecting the Avengers nos. 80-88 & the Incredible Hulk no. 140 / Roy Thomas, Harlan Ellison
v. 10. Collecting the Avengers 89-100 / Roy Thomas
v. 12. Collecting the Avengers nos. 112-119 & the Defernders nos. 8-11 / Steve Englehart
v. 13. Collecting the Avengers nos. 120-128, giant size no. 1, Captain Marvel no. 33 & the Fantastic Four no. 150 / Steve Englehart.
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