Charlie Muskrat

Published 2008
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"Charlie Muskrat, out of moose meat for the winter and committed to getting some, finds himself in Prince Albert with a 30/30 Winchester under the seat of his truck, Thunder, half a tank of gas, half a thermos of coffee, lots of Cheezies and a desire to drive south. Accompanied during the trip by phantom hitchhikers from history and myth - the Trickster, Wesakicak, Greek gods, writers, philosophers and politicians - Charlie motors along to the backdrop of Johnny Cash gospel songs and his own foggy memories of his purpose. Through Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Trenton, Sudbury, Ottawa and Toronto and all along the way are those moments of laughter that Johnson does so well - the US border guards who turn Charlie away on gun issues, the Indian Affairs people with their bags of money, the bar conversations on literature in Toronto. And after getting there, the questions remain: Will Charlie and Thunder make their way back home, and will the magic "stones" in the leather pouch accompany them?"--BOOK JACKET.

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