A dream on ice

Published 2016
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The Thea Sisters are five students at Mosueford Academy on Whale Island. They are adventurous, lively, fun mice, and they want to become journalists someday. Between lessons and friendship, life at Mouseford Academy is incredibly fabumouse! ---- It's winter on Whale Island, and the students at Mouseford Academy are thrilled when famouse figure skating champion Tara Mousinski visits. The Thea Sisters come up with the idea of hosting Mouseford's first ever Winter Games. Will the games be a success, or will diva mouse Ruby Flashyfur ruin the fun for everyone else.

Publisher, Date:
New York : Scholastic Inc., 2016.
113 pages : colour illustrations ; 20 cm.
Other Title:
Un sogno sul ghiaccio per Colette. Eng
At head of title: Thea Stilton: Mouseford Academy
First [English] printing, 2016.
Copyright ©2011 by Edizioni Piemme S.p.A. ... International Rights ©Atlantyca S.p.A. ; English translation ©2016 by Atlantyca S.p.A.
Based on an original idea by Elisabetta Dami.
Original title 'Un sogno sul ghiaccio per Colette'.
Special thanks to Tracey West.
Cover by Giuseppe Facciotto -- Graphics by Yuko Egusa -- Interior design by Becky James.
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