Viminy Crowe's comic book

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Published 2015
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When chubby, geeky Wylder Wallace spills lunch on cool and aloof Addy Crowe at Toronto's Comicon, she dashes to the bathroom, leaving behind the latest issue of her uncle Viminy's steampunk comic hit, Flynn Goster In Gold Rush Train. Wylder, a fan of the Flynn comics, opens this new one eagerly, astounded to see the girl who was just yelling at him inside the comic. Fascinated, he follows Addy into the bathroom, and our adventure begins. Is there a personality conflict? Oh, yes. Addy wants to go home; Wylder wants to stay and explore the world of Viminy Crowe's comic book. Do things go wrong? You bet they do. Grades 5-8. 2014.

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Toronto : CNIB, 2015.
(6 hrs., 8 min.) : sd.
"Edited by Tara Walker"--Title page verso.
Paul Duder.
Audio and text.
Toronto, Ontario : Tundra Books, [2014] 323 pages : 9781770494794
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