Sympathy for the devil

Published 2015
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"James Hicks has been a ghost for nearly a quarter century. Except to those rare few Assets who know him as the director of one of the most clandestine intelligence agencies in the world, known simply as The University. Hicks has every weapon and intelligence capability known to man at his disposal. He lives by the motto that Preparation Is Paramount, and he has made a career bending the strongest people in the world to his iron will. Yet he is blindsided when Jason, the smartest and deadliest agent under his command goes rogue. Miraculously surviving an attack on his life, Hicks realizes that Jason is connected to an Asset who has access to some of the deadliest biological weapons ever created, including the Ebola virus, and threatens to unleash them on the American population. Hicks must use his considerable resources to discover who turned the agent and why before a deadly biological plot is unleashed that could enter the world into a new era of chaos an anarchy" -- provided by publisher.

First Trade Paperback edition.
328 pages ; 22 cm
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