West of 98 : living and writing the new American West

Published 2011
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1st ed.
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Austin : University of Texas Press, 2011.
xxiii, 392 p. ; 25 cm.
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West of Ninety-eight
Big grass / Louise Erdrich
Wealth of the west / Larry Woiwode
Whose west? Which west? West of what? / Larry Watson
Viewed from ground level / Dan O'Brien
Naked time / Kent Meyers
Why the west? / Ron Hansen
The fence / Jonis Agee
Or three places / Antonya Nelson
The light at the bottom of the mind / Rick Bass
Points / Allison Adelle Hedge Coke
Between the Sans Bois and the Kiamichi / Jim Barnes
Excerpt from Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen / Larry McMurtry
Slurry, drainage, frontage road / Susanna Sonnenberg
Geopiety ; River sequence I/VII / Jim Harrison
Wolf and coyote and kumbaya / Gary Ferguson
What we leave / Judy Blunt
Reading Montana / Ed Kemmick
Ranching in suburbia / Dan Aadland
Chasing the lamb / Russell Rowland
The summer of now / Annick Smith
The native home of governors on horseback / John Clayton
The way home / Willard Wyman
The imaginary book of cave paintings / Melissa Kwasny
Livingston blows / Walter Kirn
Where should we be? / William Kittredge
Self-portrait as the strong and silent type / Alyson Hagy
Blood west / Kenneth Lincoln
Motherlands and mother tongues : five reflections on language and landscape / Lee Ann Roripaugh
Blame it on Rancho Deluxe / C. J. Box
The conceit of girls / Teresa Jordan
Pinus contorta / Beth Loffreda
Where the burn meets the dead / Gretel Ehrlich
Illustrations of the west : the first being second-hand, the second first / Stephen Graham Jones
Cowboy up, cupcake? No thanks / Laura Pritchett
The fatal west / Patricia Nelson Limerick
A shape-shifting land / Page Lambert
Moving west, writing east / Tom Miller
Tasting a sense of place in the arid west / Gary Nabhan
Entre mundos/Between worlds / Denise Chávez
Matins in the cathedral of wind / David Lee
On language : a short meditation / Kim Barnes
Utah cabin under heaven, July 3 / Ron Carlson
Plucked from the grave / Debra Gwartney
Two poems / Robert Wrigley
Tumbling toward the sea / Stephen Trimble
Friendship / Stephen Trimble
Red / Amy Irvine
Growing up western / Jim Hepworth
No direction home / Charles Bowden
Beyond this place there be dragons / Sally Denton
City of nomads, city of second chances / Douglas Unger
Places names / Ursula K. Le Guin
East to the west / John Daniel
Three poems / David Guterson
Celilo Falls / Craig Lesley
A dark light in the west : racism and reconciliation / Barry Lopez
Dirty stories / David Mas Masumoto
Two poems / Gary Snyder
"It's like they tilted the whole country east-to-west and everything that wasn't tied-down slid" / Louis B. Jones
Star struck / Peter Fish
Dias de los muertos / Maxine Hong Kingston
The San Francisco psyche / Harold Gilliam
Three poems / Jane Hirshfield
Maria Evangeliste / Greg Sarris
Headed / Kris Saknussemm
The sense of no place / Page Stegner.
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