Edible Mushrooms Safe to Pick, Good to Eat.
—Forsberg, Barbro.

Wandering the woods in search of mushrooms is one of life's great pleasures. But be careful to pick the right ones! With Edible Mushrooms in your backpack, you'll know to pick only the safest, most delicious chanterelles, truffles, morels, and more. Author Barbro Forsberg presents forty edible species, and reveals how, when, and where to find them?knowledge gained over the course of four decades spent mushrooming in the woods.Discover such aspects of mushrooming as:? Characteristics of edible mushrooms, per species? Cooking, cleaning, and drying the day's bounty.

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Edible mushrooms -- Identification.
Mushrooms, Poisonous -- Identification.
NATURE / Plants / Mushrooms
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Lindberg, Stefan.
9781629140025 (electronic bk.)
1629140023 (electronic bk.)
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New York : Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., 2014.
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Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; A LOVE OF PICKING; MUSHROOMS FOR PICKING; MUSHROOMS IN THE KITCHEN; MUSHROOM TERMINOLOGY; Porcini; Summer Cep; Pine Bolete; Bay Bolete; Slippery Jack; Weeping Bolete; Velvet Bolete; Orange Birch Bolete; Red-capped Scaber Stalk; Birch Bolete; Chanterelle; Cantharellus pallens; Trumpet Chanterelle; Yellow Foot; Black Trumpet; Wood Hedgehog; Terracotta Hedgehog; Sheep Polypore; Giant Puffball; Warted Puffball; Pig's Ear; Clustered Coral; Wood Cauliflower; Black Morel; Weeping Milk Cap; Saffron Milk Cap; False Saffron Milk Cap; Bare-toothed Russula
Copper BrittlegillYellow Swamp Brittlegill; Russula romellii; St. George's Mushroom; Arched Wood Wax; Herald of Winter; Fairy Ring Mushroom; Gypsy; Slimy Spike Cap; Parasol Mushroom; Shaggy Ink Cap; Burgundy Truffle; POISONOUS MUSHROOMS; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; HELPFUL BOOKS FOR MUSHROOM IDENTIFICATION; ALPHABETICAL INDEX
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