The mammoth book of gangs : the fascinating inside story of 34 notorious gangs

Published 2012
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Philadelphia, PA : Running Press, 2012.
vi, 502 pages ; 20 cm
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 495-502).
Marm Mandelbaum
The Foster and Stander gangs
The Ashley-Mobley Gang
Johnny Torrio and Al Capone
The Lewis-Jones Gang
Rocco and Bessie Perri
The Purples
Gang wars of the 1920s and 1930s
Ma Barker and her boys
John Dillinger
Murder Inc.
Prostitution in Soho--the French gangs
The Messina Brothers
The Sabinis
Mimile Buisson and the Front Wheel Drive Gang
Billy Hill, "Boss of Britain's Underworld"
Jack Spot
The Painters and Dockers War
The Great Bookie Robbery
Jimmy "The Gent" Burke and the Lufthansa robbery
Bertie Smalls and the Wembley Mob
The Kray Twins in Soho
The Dixie Mafia
The cocaine war
The birth of the prison gang
The Scottish godfather
Brink's-Mat and after
Martin Cahill, "The General"
Two bandit queens and a king
The Traids in Soho
The Zemours and their friends
The rise and fall of the Moran family
The Moss Side gangs
The A Team.
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