Deconstructing Wikileaks

Published 2012
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Depending on the source, Julian Assange, the editor in chief of WikiLeaks, is regarded as either a genius or terrorist, and this exploration of the man and the organization seeks to find the truth. Delving into the heart of the business of keeping and leaking secrets, this work shows how the enterprise of WikiLeaks and Assange is shrouded in mystery, but nonetheless, seeks to expose Assange as an intelligence asset tasked with sustaining the global status quo. Through careful analysis, interviews, and scrutiny of the organization as a whole, this inquiry gets to the bottom of the intriguing an

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Chicago : Trine Day, 2012.
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CoverImage; Title page; Copyright page; Publisher's Foreword; Table of Contents; Prologue; Through The Looking Glass; Money for nothing; Down the rabbit's hole; Vladimir Putin; Mass Media Corp.; Origins of the Media Elite; Propaganda Campaign; One Elite, Many Conduits; The Role of the Corporate Media; WikiLeaks Corporate Entourage; Operation Mockingbird; Woodward: The True Story; The CIA and the Corporate Media; Julian Assange; Mirror, mirror on the wall; The money trail; Blue Beam of Happiness; Links to the Intelligence Community; Assange and September 11, 2001; Who is Cass Sunstein?
Behavioral Economist RoundtableThe Battle for 'Transparency'; WikiLeaks' Entourage. Who Supports WikiLeaks?; The secret of Quantum Fund NV; Afghanistan
Disinformation Made to Order; WikiLeaks, Iran and the ArabWorld; Iran's Nuclear Program; Princes, Planes and Pay-offs; War on Drugs; Connecting Drugs, Money Laundering and Big-time Banking; A Short History of Drugs; WikiLeaks and the World of Smoke and Mirrors; The Pentagon Papers; Excuse to police the Internet?; The Shadow Government; Cyber Security Command (CyberCom); What about the poison pill?; The future of whistleblowing;
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